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TikTok Specialist

We have collaborated with Chinese short drama exporters to successfully translate and promote Chinese short dramas on TikTok. In just two short months, our two accounts have attracted 6,000 followers with a total view count of 1 million.

Short Drama Tiktok Viewer Analysis,
Tiktok, SweetAddictonDramas
TikTok, SweetShortCdrama
Rebirth Script
The Alpha's Unwanted Mate

Localization of Rebirth Script

Original Script Adaptation from Werewolf Novel

Short Drama Scriptwriters

After rigorous selection and training processes, we have chosen 15 professional scriptwriters out of over 90 candidates who truly understand short drama logic and can craft short drama scripts. Our team of writers possesses diverse strengths, including a deep understanding of localization strategies and expertise across various genres such as romance, drama, suspense, thriller, crime, mystery, horror, and more.

Short Drama

We collaborated with our partner, Entropy Cat Studio dedicated to creating localized blockbuster short dramas. Our streamlined local production management, bilingual production approach, and enhanced communication with teams both domestically and internationally allow us to leverage abundant Hollywood resources, with filming bases in Toronto and New York
Vampire's Tale
Entropy Cat Studio
Working photo

Professional Translation Team

We have a team of 10 professional translators who are fluent in both English and Chinese at native speaker level. Each translation undergoes human verification to ensure not only grammatical accuracy but also alignment with the cultural context, linguistic norms, and expression styles of the target language. This enhances the natural flow of translation, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in conveying the plot.

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